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Architectural Control
  • Do I need to submit a PIPSA for a roof replacement?
    No,  as of October 2012 no PIPSA is required for roof replacement. 
    The CKHA covenants do not have requirements for the type of roofing material that must be used when replacing the roof on your home, therefore the CKHA Board and Architectural Control Committee (ACC) have decided that homeowners are no longer required to submit PIPSA forms for replacing their roof. The HOA encourages the use of high grade dimensional type shingles when doing a roof replacement. High grade dimensional shingles are thicker than the older style three tab type shingles and usually have a guarantee of 40, 50 years or even lifetime depending on the manufacturer and product. More importantly, the high grade dimensional type shingles have a very attractive appearance, depending on the color, that is as close as you can get to the appearance the upgraded shake shingles that all homes in Columbine Knolls had when they were first built. You are, of course, still welcome to use the ACC if you have additional questions! You can send an email by going to the website (  Thanks for your cooperation. It takes the efforts of everyone in the community to keep Columbine Knolls a desirable place to live.
  • Do I need to submit a PIPSA Form to paint my house?
    Yes,  the architectural control committee will review and approve or deny the request with a reasonable time.

  • Are the CKHA covenants voluntary?
    No,  the CKHA covenants as amended, our bound to the land and therefore can not be separated.  All homeowners and their tenants are required by law to follow the recorded covenants.
  • Which filing is my property located in?
    Cick here to view the list of filings and a color coded map of the community with each filing.
  • Are trailers or mobile homes allowed to be stored in Columbine Knolls?
    It depends. The covenants for all nine filings, as adopted by the membership, state "No trailer or like mobile unit shall be permitted to remain upon any lot either temporarily or permanently."
    However, a policy was put into place by the board of directors in October 12, 1993 without the proper approval of the membership which allowed the storage of mobile units, as defined, with certain restrictions.  This policy was revoked on January 1, 2008, through a board resolution, as it was determined to be in contradiction with the original covenants.  A grandfathering clause was added to the resolution that allowed properly approved and stored mobile units, as defined, to be maintained on the property until the sunset date of July 31, 2014.
    As of August 1, 2014, no trailers or like mobile units, as defined in the resolution, will be allowed to be stored in Columbine Knolls.

  • How do I have a speed bump added or removed in front of my house?
    You must contact the Jefferson County Transportation & Engineering Department to request the installation, reinstallation or remvoal of a speed bump.  Also click here for publication from Jefferson county
  • Is my property located within CKHA Boundaries?
    Please see the CKHA map and click on the detail boundary map by clicking here to determine if your property is located in CKHA.  Alternatively, you may check with Jefferson County.
  • Who do I contact regarding county violations?
    Your CKHA Board is asking that you lend us a helping hand with
    some of our neighborhood violations that are not covered by our
    covenants but can be taken care of by Jefferson County. Clarification
    has been added regarding abandoned/unlicensed/inoperable cars in
    the street vs. the driveway or on the side of the house. If the car is on
    the street you can call the Sheriff’s department. However if it is on
    the property (ie. driveway or side of the house) you must call
    Planning and Zoning as any abandoned or unlicensed cars must be
    kept within a structure such as the garage. Here are the important
    numbers you need:
    1. Abandoned/unlicensed/inoperable cars in the street:
    Call Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept. 303-271-0211
    and give address, type of car, expiration date of license
    plate or any other pertinent information.
    2. Abandoned/unlicensed/inoperable vehicles in driveways or
    along side of the home: Call Planning & Zoning at: 303-271-8725.
    3. Trailers, large trucks, RVs parked in the street for more than 28 total days per year,
    call the sheriff’s department: 303-271-KOPS or 303-277-0211.
    4. Dogs not on a leash or barking: 303-271-5070.
    5. Replacement of street, stop signs etc.: 303-271-5213
    and give location of sign.
    6. For pot hole repair: 303-271-5244 and give location.
  • Who is responsible for maintaining and mowing of the drainways?
    Jefferson County Road and Bridge Department.  CKHA board of directors calls each spring to ensure we are on the mowing schedule.
  • Who maintains the CKHA entrances?
    In the past, CKHA contracted with an independent party to spray/pull weeds and perform periodic maintenance.  Currently we have a volunteer committee taking care of this to avoid this costly process.  If you are interested in helping please email us.

  • Is membership in CKHA mandatory?
    No,  CKHA is a voluntary member based association for the betterment of the community.

Realtors & Lenders
  • How do I obtain a copy of the HOA's financial statements?
    CKHA is a voluntary association.  Therefore, membership and dues are optional and no liens are placed on properties located within the hoa boundaries.  If you still need a financial statement please contact the treasurer.