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Columbine Knolls Homeowners Association (CKHA):
CKHA is a not-for-profit Colorado Corporation incorporated with the objective of working towards the betterment of the neighborhood by establishing and maintaining common community interest, protecting property values, and presenting a unified voice for the Columbine Knolls area residents in matters of mutual concern via covenants and restrictions. Membership in the Association is voluntary with annual dues of only $40 a year.
Member benefits:
  • Free membership directory
  • Free summer picnic at the pool
  • Free Halloween party
  • Discounted clean-up day
  • Free monthly newsletter
  • Covenant monitoring and enforcement
  • Represent our neighborhood at public hearings regarding zoning, planning, development, safety and other local and county issues
  • Ensure public area maintenance is completed by Jefferson County
  • Sponsorship of community garage sales
  • Maintenance of entrances

Columbine Knolls Grove Metropolitan Recreation District  (CKRD):
CKRD is a separate unaffiliated organization with it's own by-laws, management and board of directors.  Please direct any comments or questions regarding the recreation facilities directly to the CKRD Management.
CKRD is a tax supported, quasi-municipal agency established for the purposes of maintaining parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pool, athletics complex fields, etc., within the Columbine Knolls area and to establish and run various recreation oriented activities. All persons residing within the District boundaries are served by it, and a portion of all Columbine Knolls real estate taxes are provided to the District for funding of their bonded indebtedness and operational budget.
CKRD provides physical facilities at the corner of Plymouth Ave. and Kendall Blvd. consisting of a swimming pool, two tennis courts, a pool house, children's playground and a park. At Marker Park on Newland St., there is an athletic complex of soccer, football and softball fields, 6 tennis courts, park, fitness trail, children's playground and basketball backboard.
For more information please contact CKRD at