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Dream Survey

Columbine Knolls Dreams Survey

CKHA seeks your dreams for our community.   By answering this survey, you will help us as a neighborhood create goals—both realistically and in the “if only” category.  Please dream big or small!  We would like to take advantage of all the individual talents that we “locals” have and provide opportunities for people to get involved in improving CK.  Perhaps you could include ways for residents to get together just to have fun—parties, competitions, holiday celebrations, best-looking dog competition, garden tour, Red Cross CPR classes…. (These are examples of community enhancement.)


We have included some examples in different categories to get you started.  If you like an example, please include it in your answer.  But, you are not limited to these examples.  We would like to know what YOU would like to see happen in our community.


If you know someone or some company who might sponsor one of the dreams, please include that information, also.  For example, if we could add brick entrances to our entire neighborhood, do we have a brick mason in our area that might do the work at cost?  Could you be the “helper”?


Thank you for taking time to do this survey.  Please complete the survey by March 1st.  Results of our dreams will be published in the neighborhood newsletter, the Voice. 






Click this link to take the "Dream Survey"